GLC: Respect My Come Up: Pimp Dilemmas Mixtape

"This year has been great for @GLtheGreat! It has definitely been a year of knowledge, wisdom & understanding! I am beyond appreciative for the ??mbracement??of my concept throughout the world! In creating this project, DJ Fu & The Weathermen came through in the clutch! Shout out to my man Stevie Williams for linking us up! Shout out to the great folks over @ L-R-G, DGK, World Famous Promotions, Stizo on the design & Andrew Barber @ for believing! DJ Geno stayed on a player to make this project great! Thanks to all the elite up & coming producers that aided & assisted me in my Growth & Development! Chicago we are on our way! Church on the move never @ a stand still @ will as you help me cope with my ??imp Dilemmas!??/span> VIA GLC
GLC: Respect My Come Up: Pimp Dilemmas Vol. 1