Real Talk: Help Haiti by. J. Ivy

Help Haiti!!!
By: James Ivy Richardson II ??J. Ivy

It?? so far past crying.
People are literally dying.
Many are dead, trapped under crumbling concrete.
Many more to mourn as homes collapse,
The Earth is shifting,
It didn?? mean to attack,
But why the innocent???
Who are already lacking resources,
An entire country is in ruins,
Millions of lives ruined,
What are the World leaders doing?
What are the People doing?
We have no choice but to help,
We must Help Haiti!!
A rich history has been interrupted,
Mis-fortune has surpassed eruption,
This earthquake has caused so much heartache,
My heart breaks every time the number climbs,
Every time my eyes witness bodies that lie lifeless on the side of roads, in the back of pick-ups,
With no one there to pick up deceased
grandparents and babies,
So maybe they can have a proper home going,
So many going home too soon,
Their only night-light is the moon,
The electricity is gone, They can?? sleep,
They have no food,
No Clean Water!
So we can?? stand by careless,
Cause that could have easily been your Father,
Your Mother, Your Sister, Your Brother,
Your Cousin, Your Loved One??br />Cut off from the World,
With no working phones, No text, No Skype,
This is far from hype, It?? so real??br />Tonight, Today pray like you??e never prayed before,
Help Haiti til you can?? help any more,
We tend to forget that we??e all connected,
We all feed off of a united source,
A Divine force,
We forget that we??e all family,
This time,
Don?? forget, We Can?? Forget, We can?? turn our back,
Cause next time it might be your city, your town,
your block,
So for a moment stop thinking about yourself and
Help Haiti!!!
In whatever way You Can??br />
God Bless the People and the Families of Haiti??br />My Heart goes out to you,
And on behalf of my Family,
I Pledge, We Pledge to Help You??br />
To Help Haiti!!!

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