Real Talk:"Too Many Mothers Crying" By: J. Ivy

Too Many Mothers Crying
By: James Ivy Richardson II ??J. Ivy

What's wrong with my city?
Really I have to ask??br />Outside of Fenger,
They laid hands on a young man who had a chance to dance with glory.
This isn't your average sad story.
It?? the beginning of the end...
The climax.
The Chi lacks love and hugs.
In our streets there?? a flood of blood,
Beauty that?? budged by imbalance,
It?? becoming more than a challenge.
Too many tales of lost talents,
I tried to hold back my emotions but I can't front or pretend.
When I saw young Derrion fall,
I felt like I lost my most loved, loved ones all over again.
Felt like I was robbed from meeting a good friend, a best friend.
A destined legend??br />Why did this young life have to end?
Why did hate have to break this young man's hourglass?
Why is our future quickly turned into our past?
We??e at the top and bottom of the totem pole, stuck in the middle??br />What's wrong with our class?
Too many questions, not enough answers.
There's too much eating away at our souls. Too many cancers,
Too many zombies, Too many walking dead, Talking dead.
Somebody needs to sit these young boys down and examine their heads. Because there?? too much division on Division,
Too many archers on Archer.
So many angels playing they're harps too soon on Harper.
Meanwhile, Stony Island?? being invaded by pirates of the Caribbean,
There's a fire brewing and we??e walking around like balls of kerosene.
My city is burning. Yearning for healing.
Half of us is hardly living cause the other half can't stop killing.
When I saw that video of young Derrion, My God it was chilling!!!
My heart sank and ached.
In a moments time I could hear it break and crumble to the ground.
And it ain't like this the first time,
Cause I just heard 30 rounds outside my window...
Damn it, you can't ignore the sound!
It echoes and echoes until somebody falls down.
Cats living on boomerangs cause what you shoot out,
Put out comes right back around.
Round here, Chicago is like Iraq and Afghanistan minus the sand.
What's wrong with my city?
Really??br />And the world could give a shit less about a bully,
So they ain't showing no pity.
I'm glad we ain't get those 2016 games,
Give a hand to the committee.
They playing games, wasted 48 million on an Olympic bid.
And with no shame,
They don?? give a shit about what?? happening with our kids.
That's what happens when you build experimental projects,
And then suddenly tear em down.
Got the world looking around like what happen?
What happened is our captains turned our city into a murder Capitol,
For Capitol,
I see thru the bullshit.
If they ain?? go do something,
Somebody needs to pull somebody out of office.
It's offensive.
Cause our kids are now acting purely out of anger.
How do you beat an innocent stranger to death?
To a young man?? last breath??
Maybe cause their hurting.
With no apparent opportunities,
No proper education,
They can?? see a future,
So they??e tugging on the curtain.
Crying out for attention.
I hope they got your attention.
Maybe it wouldn't of happen if some cops were in position.
Maybe??br />But whatever the case there's too many innocent babies dying.
And way too many mothers crying??br />Way too many mothers crying??br />

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