Under The Act: Violence

Their has always been discrepancies, actions, and consequences. Is music the a driving force for our indiscretions? I am far from Bill O'Riely! But i had to take this time to comment on our reality. Hopefully more of us will think before we act in order to minimize situations like Derrion Albert.

It saddens me to see my brothers lowering themselves to a primal level and not makin no money! As far as Wakka Flaka Flame, i personally don't think they just influence but they mirror todays young urban society, the same society that gave them these indiscretions... Im 23, (for all you old a$$ bloggers) i have been in plenty of fights listening to Lil Jon in the club. lol (Nuck If Buck!)

This is not new, so we can't blame just the music. But we can do more as a generation to speak positivity in to our future generation minds... Also we our working on a Wakka Flaka Exclusive interview, because dude is hot.